Independent Day

It’s days like this that I feel very independent. I’ve locked myself in my new space here for the weekend, so I can finish putting the place back together. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take a break and head up onto the roof! I went up there wondering if any of the Chicago fireworks would be visible.. As I suspected, I’m just a six story building on the west side of some of the tallest buildings in the world between me and the fireworks – so nope, nothing.

However, much like at my old place in Lincoln Park, I had a clear view of the western horizon and all the 4th of July fireworks going on there. Some might consider the western view from the west loop to be a little flat and boring. I guess it is, although you can’t beat the light when the sun is setting. It streams in my floor to ceiling windows and lights my place up every afternoon.

However, I find the view very interesting, sun or no sun. The old water towers still remain on many of the buildings. The El runs by every few minutes and on a night like tonight, the cool breeze just makes you happy to be alive.

I made this image looking northwest. I propped up my camera on one of the railings on our rooftop deck to hold it steady for the long two and a half second exposure. I’m not sure if the fireworks show I was photographing was part of a city-sanctioned display or if someone was putting on a nice illegal private show for the neighborhood, but it was close enough for me to get some nice images as the many other fireworks shows exploded along the horizon.

I enjoyed my little fireworks show away from the millions that headed to the lakefront tonight. The photograph is much more personal to me. I know that no one else made this particular image tonight. I even managed to get the El streaking through in the lower right third of the photo. Not bad considering I wasn’t allowed to leave the building today.

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