I’m still here… really

Don’t you hate it when bloggers go weeks without updating their blogs. Me too… and I’m guilty. Been moving into my new space. Painters, redoing the floors, new furniture, changing the lighting, new fixtures… everything. By the end of this weekend though, I should be in.

Two wonderful people in my life said some very nice things to/about me in the last week. One happened a little over an hour ago. One of my best friends Ryan went on for some time in great deal about what she loved about my photography. It does mean more to me when women find something in my work, since my work is largely about women. I could have cried, sitting across the table listening to her. She gets what I am trying to do. I love her for it.

Thank you Ryan.

And if I haven’t gone on and on enough about another dear friend and muse Jillian Ann, well strap yourselves in. I’m flying her back into town next weekend and I’m being very selfish with her this time. I get her all to myself for three days. I usually share, but I think our work is never what it could be when half the time, I’m her chauffeur/PA/secretary. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping her get around and being her Chicago base, but it will be nice to get a little more time with her. We can experiment. We’re going to work on a music video for her as well.

She had some nice things to say about me in her blog the other day. She is someone who I get so much from in a personal/artistic/human way that I’ll never be able to give back what she gives me, but her words made me feel quite special and happy that she feels the same way about our work as I do.

It should be a wonderful busy creative few days. I can’t wait. Jillian Ann in my new space! Yea! She inspires my art like few do.

Now it’s bed time.

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