Too Much Death?

In the last 24 hours, three people have casually mentioned to me that they have had very violent unpleasant vivid dreams the night before. That seems very unusual. I wonder how many other people have been experiencing this in the last few nights? And what does it mean?

I have a theory. I think it’s the 24 hour news channels CONSTANT coverage of Terry Schaivo and the Pope. We have been deathed out. Our subconscious minds are acting out the relentless drumbeat of death that the news channels can’t seem to get enough of.

Are the dreams a coincidence? Perhaps. It just seemed odd that so many people would tell me they have had dreams of that specific nature.

It’s time to turn off the 24 hour news. Pick up a newspaper. Listen to NPR. Try to learn something instead of being fed someone’s idea of what viewers won’t be able to turn off. Really. It’s important.

I usually try to make each blog entry photography related in some way. Either with something I’m thinking about visually or with some photographic project I’m working on. I don’t have anything on my mind like that tonight. I’m a little exhausted and I think getting a good night’s sleep is probably more important than going through my archives looking for a photograph that might apply to the subject of death…

Okay, so much for the sleep. A hasty search has revealed what could be considered an appropriately dark image. Perhaps. Or not. The model is a woman named Vicki I used to shoot a few years ago. Not sure what she’s up to these days, but we did have a lot of fun during our collaborations. Does the gas mask symbolize death? Maybe. A nod to the bondage world. Maybe it’s just like any other mask one might use to hide their identity. I have my own opinions, but since it’s art, I guess it’s up to the viewer to decide what it might mean.

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  1. My favorite expression is, If your not dreaming, Your dead.”
    Art is the only unfiltered expression one can rely on with their eyes. While crouching below poisonous gases of censorship that assail the senses, the mask filters prepackaged taste, the odor of consumerism and the sound lies. Yet, the eyes are remain unhindered. The body unfettered and poised to absorb forms around us in our dreams.

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