The March/April Stereo Cop Out

I have to say, the last month and a half has been one of the busiest, most stressful, joyous, nerve wracking, lovely times of my whole life. So what if I didn’t manage to get the March postcard out. I promised not to beat myself up about it. If I had gotten it out but missed faxing one of the dozens of faxes I have been scrambling to get out on time to the mortgage people and the real estate people, well, everyone would have gotten a March postcard, but I’d have felt really stupid for missing out on getting my new space.

Hey, I just finished watching Million Dollar Baby, so go ahead and re-read that last paragraph in the voice of Morgan Freeman. It sounds so good coming out of his mouth.

Wasn’t that cool. I’d love to have Morgan Freeman read my blog every day to you nice people.

But back to the March/April stereo cop out. I’m putting two photographs on the March/April postcard to make up for the fact that there wasn’t a March postcard. So why put two identical photographs on one postcard? Ah ha! They’re not really identical, that’s why! I recently purchased a1954 Kodak Stereo Camera (that’s it’s actual name – no model numbers back then) and I’ve done a little experimenting with it over the last few months. Back in February, I brought it to the wedding of my good friends Bob and Sue and took a few pictures just to experiment.

One the way home, it was raining and a little nasty, but the weather made everything look a little surreal and a little dreamy. So I continued to walk until I got to the south end of Lincoln Park. I’ve always wanted to shoot the path that starts just north of LaSalle and continues to the Lincoln Park Zoo Lagoon. It’s really quite a nice little asymmetric row. And since the weather was fairly unpleasant, I had the park pretty much to myself.

I moved around at one end of the path, my shoes getting muddier with every exposure. The mud seemed to collect in the best places to shoot from that day, but since I was coming from the wedding instead of to the wedding, I figured I’d be okay.

The Kodak Stereo Camera uses standard 35mm film. The camera has two lenses on it about the same distance apart as your eyes. It exposes two frames at the same time on your roll of film. If you were to hold your processed negatives up to the light you would see the first image, which is the left eye image, and then count three images to the right, and that would be your right eye image. Kodak decided that rather than putting both images right next to each other on the film, they could squeeze three times as many pairs of stereo images on each roll of film. It was a good idea, but as a result, the images are square and a little smaller than a standard 35mm still frame.

The postcard sample on the blog may be a bit too small for you to try out the 3D on, but you can give it a try. Consider it a sneak preview while the real postcards continue to print out tonight. Just get up close to your computer screen, probably about a foot away for this small size and cross your eyes until you see three images and focus on the middle one. It takes a while to get it, and some people just can’t do it. Don’t feel bad. It took me about 20 minutes to get it the first time. And don’t try it too long at first or you’ll get a headache. Really, seriously, if you don’t get it in the first minute, walk away and rest your eyes for a while or I won’t be responsible for the pounding in your head for the rest of the day!

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