Jettisoning the Unnecessary

This weekend I begin packing up this place that has been my home and studio for the last decade and prepare to move to my new space. But before I begin packing, I’m planning on jettisoning the unnecessary. It’s time to let go of some things that for some reason I’ve been clinging to. There’s a file cabinet that is loyally holding everything I’ve felt was important enough to file since the 90s and I’m betting a lot of it is… unnecessary.

I’ll be taking a break from my three year project of scanning every negative I have, since I’ll be breaking down my workstations that I’ve spent so much time sitting in front of since November. It will be good to take a little break, but I look forward to continuing my journey into my own photography like I’ve never had before. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been a joy as well.

Rather than posting an image today, I’m going to post a little movie of the work I did with Jillian Ann last month. I know this blog as been a lot about Jillian lately, but after any good shoot, there is a fair amount of time getting all of the work organized and that is what I have needed to do this month. So I’m living in that world. It’s a good world.

This movie is what we in the editing business call a rough cut. The images have been scanned, but not much else. The negatives need to be touched up, not because Jillian needs any touching up, but because with negatives, especially ones that I really push to get the grain I’m looking for, they really get dirty. Even with careful handling negatives attract dirt and dust. So you’ll be seeing a lot of that. But enough of the disclaimers. Enjoy. It’s not often that I give my work movement. It’s an experiment.

Note: You’ll need Apple QuickTime to view this. It’s free.

The music track on the movie is by Jillian Ann. It’s called Movement in Slow Motion from her CD Music for the Masses from 2003. You can find it and more of her music at her website.

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