Coming Up For Air

Well tonight was the first night in a long time that I didn’t have A) to work late, B) to scramble to put together either tax related or mortgage related paperwork C) to attend an industry related function. And man does it feel good. It’s not to say I don’t have a million things on my to do list. It’s just that tonight, I have nothing due tomorrow that I haven’t already prepared. What an unusually pleasant feeling.

So March came and went without a postcard mailing, and if I’m not careful, the same will happen for April. But I take solace in the fact that in a few short weeks, I’ll be moving my incredibly overstuffed home/photo studio/editing bay to a wonderful new space that will for the first time in a long time afford me the space to create without having to rearrange rooms every time I switch gears. I can’t wait.

All I have to do now is pack. Auuuuuugh.

But, in the now, I decided to go over some images I made with my dear good friend and muse, Melissa last February. I had was recently given a gift of enormous colorful wine glasses. Large enough to really get you hammered if you had more than a glass or two. The thing that intrigued me about them was the colors and the designs on them.

It’s true I’m probably the only person who picks up a wine glass, closes one eye and holds it up to the light to see what it might look like to photograph through it. And that’s just what Melissa and I did. Sadly, one of the glasses recently met it’s demise while being washed, but I have three left… and lots of film!

Here’s the inspiring Melissa…

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