It’s been far too long…

I feel like a lot of things in my life aren’t getting the attention I mean to pay to them. But the good news is that the reason for the neglect is because of exciting things going on in my life right now. Not the least of which is that I’m looking for a new space to create my art in. Very exciting.

In the last month and a half I’ve had two wonderful model friends of mine visit me and I had tremendous fun creating with both of them. Melissa and Jillian Ann are two of the most inspiring people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know though my photography. When they come to town it’s usually a whirlwind of activity the leaves me breathless both in a literal and figurative sense and these visits were no different. I’ll have to leave this entry fairly short because it’s getting near the end of March and the March postcard is still uncreated as of yet, so I must go and take care of that and numerous other things that are eclipsing my time to write here. But I’ll leave you with an image from the shoot this month with Jillian Ann. She’s just amazing to know and photograph and I know my life is richer having her in it.

And thanks to Jeff Fingerman. The new Billy Sheahan Photography logo you see in the bottom left corner of the image is the result of his handy work.

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