Catching up with a far-away friend

I should be finishing my taxes tonight, but I’m not in the mood. I have been catching up on some reading and other assorted computer work. But I did happen upon the blog of a friend of mine who’s from the Chicago area, but who is now in England, working on a couple of documentaries.

Her name is Monkaey and she’s a writer with MAD SKILLS. I miss her. Ironically, I found out through her blog that she’s in town for Easter dealing with some family issues that come up for all of us from time to time. I must try to contact her before she goes back across the pond. Oh for a few more hours in the day….

Here is one of the digital images from the recent Jillian shoot….

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One thought

  1. Now why is it that you never invite your cousins along on your photshoots!

    Totally unfair!

    Your cousin John, for example, is only working part time, has an MBA, could change camera batteries for you, could keep the coffe flowing and is very single.

    Shame, shame, shame Billy.

    I am sure that John could have added a lot to this photos session.

    LOL. Love your Blog.

    Since there is NO EVIDENCE that you read e-mail from family members, I have no real hope that you will check out my blog, but please do.

    It is far less personal than yours, but has a lot of humor.

    I would give you an opinion of yours, but didn’t get past the first post. Of course, from this one entry, its, er, thumbs up for me.

    I do understand the frustrations of people flying in and out unexpectedly without telling me.


    P.S. Lost almost 60 lbs last year!

    Tell MM & D I said Hi!

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