A new space… physically, emotionally, creatively…

Last Thursday was the culmination of probably five years of casually looking, deciding, committing, falling in love, falling out of love and finally… resolution. If it sounds like I’m describing a relationship, well, I am. It’s the saga of my relationship with my personal space. And as of last Thursday I have found a new one to inhabit.

As always, I have too much to do today, so this, will sadly be brief. I made an offer on a beautiful loft space on the near west side of Chicago that will most certainly give me the physical, emotional and creative space I have been desperately needing for years. Nothing is a done deal yet… closing isn’t until my birthday late in April, but I have no reason to believe it won’t work out.

Not wanting to jinx the process (as much as I profess a profound sense of respect for science over superstition, I have found it’s best not to taunt Karma) I have gingerly begun the process of changing my address and other contact information on all sort of things. Can’t wait until the last minute you know. The next month will go fast.

So here’s a preview…

And although the search for a new space has pretty much consumed my life outside of film editing, which has also been rather all consuming lately, I have managed to do a little more scanning and organizing of recent shoots. Here’s a great picture of Jillian Ann once again. This one from film. If you compare the film to the digital images, there is a huge difference not only in how the image looks, but how it feels. I do love digital, but at least for the foreseeable future, I have no intentions to stop working with film!

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  1. Warning! Warning! That’s the Old Follett College Textbook Company Warehouse! I used to work in that building and used to work just west of there. I have some inside info on the building THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I AM in the BOOK!

    Will Call your MOM and try to pass it on.


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