The end of a very good year

When I say a very good year, I guess I should qualify that. There are many things going on in the world that are not good. Most of them stem from the current Bush administration and their heinous policies ripped from the dark ages. I’m going to brush those aside for a while. This is not about those things. Those things are important and I will continue to fight to make them right in 2005, but for now… for this moment… I’m going to be thankful for what I have.

I love my photography. I’m not talking about the images themselves, but the whole concept of creating them. The people around me who help me on many levels to see my vision through. Some of them are in front of my lens, but many are behind it, standing with me.

So I want to thank them. From people who simply give me worlds of encouragement and continue to push me to create, to those who give me feedback on the work, to those who help me by giving me their time, my muses, who give all of themselves to me and continue to inspire in me a sense of awe.

They are, in no particular order…. Mark and M; Jillian Ann; Ryan, Mark and Cheree of NYC!; Jill; Melissa from Bali, Spain and Colorado; Monkaey across the pond; Derek and Veronika; Simon; Bob and Soo; Charlie and Kim; Trisha and Jennifer; several Heathers; Roxy; Venessa and Justin; Mark H; lil’ Lau, Jimmy!; Radi; Lois; Brian and Heather; Carol above Gamma; Shannon and Pete; Chris and PeeWee and many others who have supported me over the last year and those before.

It’s probably a strange thing to list them here, but I think it’s not unusual to take personal and emotional inventory during the transition from one year to the next – as long as you give yourself enough private time to realize it. In that regard, this new years holiday was a very successful one for me. I did turn into a bit of a vampire, which is bound to happen when I manage to escape the cruel mistress that is my alarm clock. But when it comes to my art, sometimes the middle of the night is when I seem to get the most done. Perhaps that’s a leftover side-effect from my late night days in the dark room.

Here’s another image from the pool shoot that I’ve spent the last two weeks scanning. This one is one of the color images from that shoot. I’ll probably get more specific on how the image was created in another entry, but the one thing I will say about this is that it is not manipulated in Photoshop in any way beyond some dirt cleanup and color correction. Hope you enjoy it.

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