Sometimes 31 flavors is too many

Call it an embarrassment of riches. It’s the good kind of embarrassment though. Not the kind of crushing realization like that time I had ripped the seat of my pants in fourth grade and the girl I had the biggest crush on, Lisa Duffala, pointed it out to me (yes, it really happened). No this is when you have so much good fortune, it’s a little embarrassing..

I’m sort of back on schedule with the monthly postcards. I got the December one out so close to the end of the month that it seemed silly to send another out a week later, so I’m just getting January’s out now. I knew what shoot it was going to be from. I even thought I had it narrowed down to one or two that I thought would be good. Until yesterday. You see, there were more than 850 photographs taken at what I call “The Pool Shoot,” and while that’s not really a crazy amount of images to make at a shoot, something inspired happened at that one and I ended up with an unusually high number of keepers.

So high in fact that it was difficult to narrow down which single image I wanted to use. After a day of slowly whittling down the selection from about twenty to seven, I walked away for a few hours to come back with fresh eyes. But I still couldn’t decide. I had all seven up on my computer screen and I would move them around, sort of to shuffle my brain as I was shuffling the images. That actually helped. I began to remove ones where the nudity was a little more discernible, simply because it seems like there are a lot of people in this country these days who freak out at the glimpse of a nipple, and on the approaching anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Superbowl performance, I’m really not in the mood to deal with the ever saddening concept of our bodies being added to the list of the evils in the world. Shame on us for shaming ourselves like this. But I digress…

I’m sure if I went back now and picked through the final seven again, I might choose a different photograph, but that’s one of the reasons I don’t pick the monthly image months in advance. I think the choice should be based on how and what I’m feeling at the moment. It makes it a little more real for me. So I ended up with one of the more Rorschach-y images, but sometimes I want to be a little vague about my art. Over the years I’ve found people enjoy guessing what it is I’ve photographed. I truly love getting excited phone calls from people, “Okay, my husband thinks it’s a leg and an arm, but I think it’s two legs from two different people. Who’s right?” Frankly they’re both right, because art is whatever you think it is. That’s one of the things I like most about it.

Here are a few of the images that AREN’T going to be the postcard image this month. I’ll post the final choice tomorrow when I drop the cards in the mail. I do feel like a rich man today!

Did I choose the “right” one? That’s the beauty of art. There is no right one.

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