Discoveries… discoveries

When I decided a few weeks ago that it was high time I scanned all of my negatives… and I mean ALL of them… I knew it would be a daunting task. I think a few of us figured it out that it would be a minimum of two years before I would finish, and perhaps more like three.

But only 1000 images in… and only about 35,000 to go… I have made some amazing discoveries. I won’t have any images as an example in this post, but rest assured the images I discovered today will be coming soon. I’ve been hovering in the rolls numbered in the early 1000s, around 2001 lately, but a request for a specific print of Fenway Park in Boston cause me to dive back into the 700s. And right next to the Boston images…. I found New Orleans.

Talk about not understanding what I had at the time. Which I must say seems to have been the case with a lot of the images I made back then. Sometimes a little distance and a little perspective are all it takes to properly appreciate an image.

So once I get through the current 2001 shoot I’m working on, I’ll be heading to New Orleans… must be from the late 90s… I’ll have to see if I can find the exact date. And I’m only holding the negs up to the light and I can already see I have uncovered some treasures! Look for them soon.

And here’s one of the Fenway shots that lead me to rediscover The Big Easy. It’s an image of kids hanging out at the ballpark laying on their stomachs with their arms reaching under the fence where the Red Sox players’ cars are parked, hoping to get an autograph. It’s really amazing because the kids don’t know who they’ll get until the ball or program or whatever they have pushed under the fence comes back with a fresh signature. An amazing thing to have witnessed one fine summer day.

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