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Jillian Ann is one of two people on this planet that when I have contact with her… of any kind… I walk away inspired. I’ll talk more about the other, Melissa Muñiz, another time. This time I’m going to talk about Jillian. I know of no one who has spends as much time creating as she does breathing. Surely one doesn’t happen without the other.

This is from a contact sheet of photographs I made of her a while back. I know the copyright is a little premature, but I’m gearing up for the new year. So there.

I caught her online last night. Sometimes I call her and we talk one the phone and sometimes we just iChat. I was in a particularly positive mood and I noticed she had just uploaded some new music she’s working on for the world to check out.

MySpace… Jillian Ann

They’re still rough, so it’s interesting to see how they’re born and how they grow up to be on her CDs. She’s never afraid to show something that isn’t finished yet… isn’t perfect. Perhaps because she realizes few of us are.

We started talking about how we both liked to take what was positive in our lives and spread it into the areas that might be a little less the way we want it. There is nothing better than working from a place that has good feelings in it. It makes it easier to deal with the things you might want to complain about. Not always easy, especially this time of year when the crush of the holiday can wear down even the most optimistic.

I guess the bottom line is for me is that the more good you put out there, the more good you feel. Chances are, good comes back to you to, although that’s not the reason you should do it!

Check out Jillian’s world. But be warned, her world is big and you’ll have to sample it in many sittings. But it’s worth it. If you want to get a quick sense of who she is, check out her video page and click on the video called “Train Station Interview.” She rarely travels without her video camera, always documenting, and an unseen girl on the train platform asked her what she was shooting. Most people would have said, “nothing,” or made something up or ignored the girl’s question, but Jillian ends up turning a simple question into an interview. The unknown interviewer continues to ask questions, and Jillian… she is amazing… answers them all… honestly.

Jillian Ann Video

And once you’ve had a taste, you can start from the beginning. Hold on tight. It’s quite a journey.

never lonely when I am alone… Jillian Ann

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