FINALLY!!! a blog that works!

I love, love, love to write.

If you’ve stumbled onto this blog, you’ll notice that it’s very inconsistent when it comes to how often I write here. The problem has been that even though I consider myself to be extremely computer and technology savvy, this blog thing has been a little difficult to get off the ground. There has always been some part of the software that didn’t integrate with my website or something like that, so it was much harder to write things and keep it current.

But now finally, after many false starts, I think I have found a great combination of software that works the way *I* want it to instead of trying to conform to what it wants from me. I just can’t write like that. Plus I can write from any computer I happen to be in front of not just “my blogging computer.”

Okay, it’s way too late and even though I’m taking a week off from editing, I do have to head downtown tomorrow morning and sign off on an editing project that is wrapping up. But I’ll leave you with a recent image that makes me happy these days. Trisha is a model I’ve never worked with before, and last May, we finally arranged our schedules to have our first shoot. It’s always a little tricky working with someone I’ve never worked with before, because it takes me a while to “learn” my subject. Sometimes it takes several shoots before I feel like I know just how to photograph someone. But I think we made some good images.

I recently talked to Trisha about the shoot and she says she wasn’t at her best, but I think maybe it made for a interesting dynamic because I was really comfortable pretty early on. I think we made some images that weren’t really typical for her, but that’s what makes them great for me. I really welcome the opportunity to discover something new about someone who has been as photographed as much as she has been. That’s one of best things about being a photographer – the inspiration and the discovery.

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