A Very Long Engagement…. very good

I had the chance to attend an advanced screening last night of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s new film called “A Very Long Engagement.” Well, it’s really called “Un long dimanche de fiançailles,” and if you haven’t already guessed, it’s a French film. I found it to be nearly as amazing as another of his films, “Amelie.” This new one also stars Audrey Tautou, pretty much cementing her as my favorite French actress. The look of “Engagement” is simply stunning. The projectionist at the Landmark Century was having a hard time keeping the print in focus for some reason, but even as the sharpness came and went, I found myself really moved by he visuals as well as the story.

This is definitely a film to see on the big screen to appreciate the photography.

And speaking of photography, the film put me in a French mood and so I have selected an image from my subliminal Eiffel Tower series. I call it that because I was trying to figure out a way to photograph this well documented subject. How do you photograph something that’s been documented so much. I began shooting it from a distance, letting it creep into the frame as I got closer. It was a fun game.

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