Away we go… Riding the California Zaphyr into the snow

It’s funny preparing for a two and a half day train trip. This is the second time I’ve taken the train from Chicago to San Francisco and I always want to bring along a little something to work on. Last year it was editing. This year, following my self imposed focus on photography in 2004, I’m only bringing photography related work with me.

While I didn’t get a chance to scan any recent work before I left. There does seem to be a lot of images that have never seen the light of day even though they have been converted to computer files. Those need to be edited and organized.

Then there is the website. That’s the big one I hope to do a little work on this year. has had many incarnations, and this latest one created in August 2002 was never really finished. The film editing side was ironically more or less finished because it was the one I was least looking forward to doing, so I did it first to get it out of the way. I fully intended to get back to the photography side to finish it, but as usual… things always get in the way.

So, for this trip I’ve loaded up on as many disks as I could that I’ve filled with various photography projects. Again, none of it is very recent, but much of it has never been seen. By the time we arrive in San Francisco, I hope to change that.

If we get stuck in any snowstorms, I’ll try to photograph them. I actually managed to make some pretty good photographs from my sleeping car window on the last trip. I heard on the radio this morning that a California Zephyr train that left from Chicago a few days ago got trapped in a blizzard in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and it was 14 hours before the train could get out. I also heard that there’s a big snow storm heading in the Colorado Rocky Mountains tonight. Looks like we’re headed right into it. Could be an adventure!

We’re about an hour into the trip now, heading west toward California. Already getting dark outside the window. I have some new photography gear I’m looking forward to trying out on the trip, but it works best during long exposures. Not exactly suitable for 80mph train travel. I’ll have to wait a bit before trying it. We usually slow down in the mountains and maybe I’ll be able to try it out then.

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