A nice surprise… too busy to notice my own work

One of my favorite people, both from a photography subject standpoint, as well as a general life-inspiring standpoint is New York artist, Jillian Ann. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jillian as a subject in my photography and also as one of her many “helpers” who aided in her getting her first CD into the hands of local radio stations.

The funny thing is that she sent out a little promo postcard this month and she copied me in the email that she sent out to her giant email list. I quickly looked at it when it popped up in my mailbox, and noted that it was a nice black and white high contrast image, or actually several images of her.

It wasn’t until I was talking to her manager last night, that I realized that they were two of MY photographs of her she had used! I’m really happy that she liked them so much and used them. I’m a little disappointed with myself that my life is such that I didn’t notice my work sooner than I did. Kinda silly really.

Here it is. I got one in the mail this week as well. I’m really flattered that Jillian, who is one of the most photographed people I know, chose my images to represent her. It made a really bad month end on a high note.

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