jim visits and we compare RAW files

The fact that the Cubs have made it to the playoffs has been a little distracting lately. I’m usually much more focused on getting work done well into the wee hours. But I’ve found myself in front of the TV a lot and even though I have a computer and scanners and piles of negatives to input…. the game calls.

But tonight, I had my friend Jim over who, like me, has recently entered the digital world of photography after being a pure film guy for years. I went Nikon and he went Canon, so tonight we compared RAW files from our cameras and discussed lenses and sharpness and shutter speeds and I must say it’s all so much easier to analyze what went right and wrong with the photographs with all the camera information tagged into each RAW file. We can see, for instance, that one of the reasons an image is a little soft is that the shutter speed was probably a little too slow for the long focal length of the lens. We all know that, but it’s great to have the camera keep track of that for you rather than scratching your head trying to remember what you were doing in the heat of the moment.

Other than that, not as much progress as I’d like to be making with my photography the last few days. But how often are the Cubs, and the Red Sox for that matter, in the playoffs.

An image Jim and I were playing with tonight. I originally shot it at a very low resolution on a Nikon CoolPix digital camera I borrowed from my friend Mark. It was my first outing with a digital camera and Jim and I were experimenting tonight with Genuine Fractals to see if it could be blown up enough to have a decent print made out of it. I think we can. This photograph was made last January from my sleeping car on the California Zephyr, on the way into the Colorado Rockies.

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