It’s been a long time since I opened GoLive….

Back in August of 2002, I spent pretty much a full week, designing and creating a new website for Billy Sheahan Photography. I finished the film editing side and a few months later, slapped up a temporary gallery of 12 images from my 2002 postcard mailings. And then it sat. I got caught up in the day job and managed to forget the programming I created to give the site it’s look.

This week I managed to dive in again and posted 3 new (sort of) galleries. The first truly is new. It’s select images from a photoshoot I did with a great friend, Melissa in the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. The other two galleries are from my old site. They haven’t been available to the internet clicking public for over a year now, and it’s good to have them back up.

The good news is that I’m using a new bit of software that helps me to create new galleries much easier than in years past. In fact, as long as I have the photos scanned, I can usually have a new gallery up in a matter of an hour or two. Much better.

With any luck, there will be new galleries up every week and that will spur me on to get more negatives scanned and ready to see the world! Stay tuned…..

This image is from a trip I took to Florence Italy about ten years ago. The day was very overcast and I really had to push my film to get an image. It remains one of my favorite photographs.

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