Art comes out of the closet

Ever since I had that great show with Mark Munson in that great space behind Marché, I’ve had a closet stacked full of framed, fine art prints. Crazy that they’ve been in the closet for two years… or is it three years. Three years I’m pretty sure. So I got some masonary anchors for some of my concrete walls and finally hung 14 prints on my wall. I’ve never had that much of my art on my walls before and it’s nice to walk by it every day. Of course I still have a closet full of it, so maybe it’s time for another show… or maybe a sale on the web.

Opening night at the “Three Art Show” at the space behind Marché. Two weeks before, this space looked more like a junkyard than an art gallery, complete with an abandoned van.

Some of the 50 photographs, that until recently had been sitting in my closet instead of on display. Of course, we did sell enough to help pay for the show, so they didn’t ALL end up back in my closet!

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